Core Values


We treat everyone with compassion and respect


We believe in direct and open communications


We find advantage by thinking differently


We win with speed and diligence



Pick great companies in fintech, health tech and marketing tech

Reinforce the vision of founders from all backgrounds, genders and walks of life

Inspire an ecosystem built around diverse founders, investors and companies

Mentor our portfolio companies with a sound and practical approach

Emphasize character and drive over pedigree



Overcoming adversity helps entrepreneurs build stronger businesses.

Forming diverse and inclusive teams brings a competitive advantage to tech.

Activating as much talent as possible within our ecosystem helps companies succeed.

Taking a business approach to investing in early stage companies brings superior performance.

Investing in the stage between seed and series A is often overlooked with tremendous opportunities.


Investment Guidelines

Seed stage to Series A

Remarkable founding teams

Massive addressable market

Disruptive technologies solving an important challenges for society

Preferences for B2B early stage technology companies in fintech, prop tech, health tech, and marketing tech/CRM