Strong, genuine, one-of-a-kind network

We are all about building and nurturing relationships.


An amazing community

Human connections are at the heart of our value system. For decades, we have created a special community of thousands of founders, entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders around the country. Our shining example is the CONNECTpreneur network that we have built over the last 8 years into one of the premiere technology and investment communities in the country. Knowing that a cohesive ecosystem is the only kind that can thrive, we have integrated connectedness into our way of being and operating.

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Our portfolio companies leverage valuable entrepreneur, investor and mentor relationships to help with every aspect of their business.

CONNECTpreneur is the hub of leading entrepreneurship and capital formation

Serving founders and investors

The Big Idea CONNECTpreneur Forum is the premier global community of over 20,000 innovators and investors, including CEOs, entrepreneurs, VCs and angels, CXOs and other business leaders throughout the US and around the world. It was founded to serve a community of technology founders and angel investors, and to provide a forum for high level principal to principal engagement for dealmaking, learning, and finding capital, customers, partnerships, mentors, and great team members.


Connecting and inspiring

Since 2012, each monthly virtual or live CONNECTpreneur Forum mashes up 500+ top founders, investors and business leaders from around the world for a celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation, with unprecedented networking. The programming features newsmaking speakers and a showcase of exciting early stage companies.


Secret Sauce

CONNECTpreneur is now recognized as one of the premiere organizations on the East Coast for innovation and investment. As part of our development and growth, Phoenix Fund is a natural evolution and progression of our community. With the participation of top business leaders, investors, and some of the most talented entrepreneurs in the world, the General Partners of Phoenix Fund believe we are optimally positioned to fill a void in the capital markets and do something special.